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Homemade charcuterie


All our charcuterie is made in house. From the butchery of the meat, curing process and drying.

We offer a range of charcuterie and always have a variety available. Can be purchased sliced and packed or whole.





Beef silverside, cured in spices, herbs and emmersed in red wine wine before air drying

A  complex deep flavour that develops in the mouth. 

Award Winning Coppa


British Charcuterie Bronze winner 2018


Pork dry cured and rolled in black pepper.

A light buttery flavour with a kick of black pepper.

Duck Proscuitto


Free range duck breast. Cured and air dried . A light buttery sweet taste. Ideal in a salad with fruit.

Smoked Italian Pork Loin


Pork loin cured with Italian herbs, smoked over oak and air dried

A light ham with a delicious light smoke flavour.



Pork cured with garrlic and herbs, one of the favourites at The Pheasant Harome. 



Air dried in herbs, beautiful, thin streaked pancetta. Fantastic for wrapping pheasant breast before roasting



Pigs cheeks  cured with herbs and air dried . The secret to a great carbonara. Used by all great Italian chefs.

Other Products


York Ham. Limited availablity due to time to mature. Please call for further information


Venison Hams. Limited availability due to time to mature. Please call for further information


Mutton Proscuitto. Can be made to order.

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